Rain International

Our mission is to continually move forward. If we begin to feel comfortable, we know it’s time to push ahead again. We’ve found ways to do spread goodness through our products, business, and charity work. There are many issues in the word, and we want to help solve them.

We’ve taken a huge step forward in solving the world’s nutrition problems by creating a completely new category of health supplements. They are one hundred percent non-GMO and derived directly from seeds. We call it seed-based nutrition. The process is really a revolutionary one. We use a cold-press process, which obtains the potent benefits of super-seeds, and then make them bioavailable for human consumption. The seeds we use have been studied extensively and have proven health benefits. Those benefits they provide are much more concentrated than even fruits or vegetables.

Our manufacturing and production standards are extraordinarily high. We want to provide a quality product that is clean, GMO-free, and potent for our consumers. These certifications back our dedication to that standard. We also want to ensure that our products are effective, nutritional, and beneficial. We utilize bioanalytical laboratories whose specialized tests give validity to companies in the nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. The tests are rigorous and extensive. However, our products were found to be effective nutritional supplements that succeed at promoting health and vitality.

Rain International, along with Seeds for Change, have paired up with Trees for the Future in order to continue to push goodness onward and upward. Trees for the Future is a non-profit organization that changes the world by planting one tree at a time. They are a foundation that is focused on helping the earth and its people. They have already planted trees in 19 countries and thousands of communities. Our goal is to help them extend their roots even further and deeper.    

In an earnest effort to “Become More”, we commit to plant one seed for every new Rain Partner that enters the company. In 2014 alone, we planted more than 38,800 seeds. While this number is great, we know we have the potential to do more. Lives have been changed and ecosystems have been saved from this great work. We plan on planting many more trees in the future to ensure that these changes never end.

A desire for a better life is inherent in everyone. But, injury, fatigue, and sickness can erode resolve and deteriorate motivation. Dead-end jobs or the passage of time can dim the bright vision you had of your future. We’ve seen too many people, packed with potential, fold under the pressures of the world. It’s time for a change, and we’d like to help.

Our products, entrepreneurial system, and expert leaders have, for years, have elevated downcast eyes and set them back to look on the future. Check out our website and learn the many ways Rain can be part of your pursuit of happiness.